The Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd. (the parent company of Conwiz) has been active in the area of academics since over a decade. It also runs approximately 40 scientific, technical and medical journals and has published approximately 250 high-end publications in various technical areas. Additionally it runs approximately 150 different academic programs. All this expertise pours itself into the Conwiz Wizardry Guarantee. ConWiz offers solutions to complement the goals of the general education curriculum, particularly with regard to creative thinking and effective communication. Our offerings encourage research work, good publication writing and teach lucid presentation of scientific and technical information.

ConWiz - Advantage: Researchers

ConWiz aims to introduce for researchers, the prerequisites that form the basis for correct professional communication and documentation in any scientific field. We begin by correcting the basic errors in English usage and gradually build up into writing more complex documents. You get to know a variety of writing styles, including scientific documentation, reports, theses, professional letters and memos, academic documentation styles such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

  • Short-term and long-term skill enhancement in key areas
  • Enhance your ability to publish more and better scientific papers in renowned International Journals
  • Experience in structured approaches to documentation of high-end, quality, professional Scientific documents
  • Ability to create Technical documentation with ease, speed and dexterity
  • An opportunity to learn from the experts
  • Knowledge of globally accepted documentation standards and practices.
  • Acquisition of skills that can be immediately applied to current documentation, production & research goals.
  • Exposure to an entirely new paradigm of thought and professional excellence.

 ConWiz - Advantage: Teachers

As a teacher if you don’t have good writing and communication skills, you just don’t get the respect you deserve. As a teacher you are expected to create the following documentation:

  • books
  • lesson plans
  • subject area content writing
  • lecture notes
  • magazine and newspaper articles
  • invitations
  • correspondence (teacher-student, teacher-administration, and teacher-parent)
  • applications
  • letters of recommendation
  • notes to parents
  • tests and assessments
  • Writing scientific papers
  • Research Practices
  • Instructional Designing
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Research articles
  • Books
  • Lesson plans
  • Subject area content writing
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Tests and assessments
  • E-learning material
    ConWiz has given special attention to teachers considering the emerging need of good writers in the area of academics.  Our Training programs for academicians cater to all the needs and requirements of teachers.