The work of any BPO/KPO requires immense precision. It is work that involves responsibility and also a lot of quality control. Getting work done by customer care executives requires training as well as precise documentation policies and methodologies. It becomes critical to have systems in place, and also guides that analyze and implement these systems.

Conwiz magic creates these systems for your organization and also implements the necessary tracking documents for you, thus manufacturing a cost-effective, ultra-efficient solution. The result is employee satisfaction, customer delight and large profit margins.

What ConWiz Do?

ConWiz can make things really simple for you. We provide quality services that enable you to just place an order, and then sit back and relax. No follow-ups, only delivery, with quality guaranteed.

  • User Documentation: Online help, Quick reference cards, Getting-started manuals, End-user manuals.
  • Technical Documentation: Internal / External Specifications, Hardware manuals, Reference manuals, Programmer guides, System Administrator guides, Language guides and references and Installation/configuration manuals, trouble-shooting guides.
  • Training Material: Requirement Assessment, User & task analysis, Tutorials and Training manuals, CBTs, customer-interaction guides, SOPs, interactive games, eLearning material, educational CDs.