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Architecture Migration Consultancy

ConWiz provides Architecture Migration Consultancy services to authors who are looking to migrate their technical documentation to a new platform or architecture. Our experienced consultants work closely with authors to develop a migration plan that ensures a seamless transition from the old platform to the new one.

ConWiz's Architecture Migration Consultancy services are designed to help authors make a smooth transition to a new platform or architecture while minimizing downtime and avoiding potential issues. By working with our experienced consultants, authors can rest assured that their technical documentation will be migrated safely and efficiently.

ConWiz's Architecture Migration Consultancy services include the following:

  1. Platform analysis: We analyze the author's current platform and identify areas of improvement and areas that may be problematic in the migration process.
  2. Architecture redesign: We work with authors to redesign their technical documentation architecture, ensuring that it is optimized for the new platform and meets their needs.
  3. Migration planning: We develop a comprehensive migration plan that includes a timeline, resources, and contingency plans for unexpected issues that may arise.
  4. Implementation: We work with authors to implement the migration plan and ensure a seamless transition to the new platform.
  5. Post-migration support: We provide support to authors after the migration to ensure that any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

What conwiz do

  • Study the product and the documentation methodology being used currently.
  • Do a feasibility study, to ensure that migration is possible, economically and logistically
  • Prepare a report that you can submit to your management, detailing the advantages of the shift, the timelines involved and also the methodology to be used
  • An experienced documentation manager supervises the entire process of migration, right from educating the team to implementing the solution in such a way that your existing content assets can be reused to the greatest extent possible.

How it Works

Initial Consultation

Tailored Migration Plan

Implementation and Migration

Post-Migration Support and Optimization

Post-Migration Evaluation