Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make my content plagiarism free?

We can suggest you the changes that can be replaced with more original work or paraphrased.

Can you edit annotated bibliography?

Yes, we can do and suggest you the improvement and flow of the tenses.

Can I get discount on submission of more than one document?

Yes, you will get discount of 5%-10% if you are a new customer. For existing customer we provide 5% discount.

Can you do only proofreading, the price will be lesser?

Yes. We can do only proofreading also. It depends on which package you are choosing. And the price will be lesser.

Can you format the references?

Yes, we can do the formatting of references according to your requirement of reference style.

Can you do the copyediting and proofreading on urgent basis?

Yes, we can do the copyediting and proofreading within the time you required to be done.

Can you only check the plagiarism?

Yes, we can do the plagiarism within 24 Hours after your submission of documents?

Are you ensuring to keep manual confidential?

Yes, we ensure to keep your manual confidential.

My documents are in PDF. Can you do the editing in this PDF format?

Yes. Surely, we can do the editing in any format like, .doc, .rtx, .txt. and so on. We can also do the editing of jpeg, png.

Can we customaries our Order?

Yes, you can contact us and tell your requirements. We will customaries the order as per your requirement.

Can you do the normal proofreading of our Website?

Yes, we can do the basic proofreading and error findings in our basic package.