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Manuscript Assessment & Review

Before you embark on the journey of manuscript submission, it's essential to ensure that your work is polished, refined, and stands out in the competitive world of publishing. Conwiz introduces Manuscript Assessment & Review, a comprehensive service tailored to authors seeking not only a meticulous evaluation of their manuscript but also invaluable suggestions and feedback to enhance its overall quality.

This service goes beyond the traditional proofreading, offering a holistic analysis of your manuscript's structure, content, language, and more. It is a collaborative effort between you and our seasoned professionals to refine your work, making it submission-ready.

Where Do you benefit?

  • Enhanced Quality
  • Confidence in Submission
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Reduced Rejection Risk
  • Improved Readability
  • Streamlined Editing Process
  • Professional Guidance
  • Adherence to Standards
  • Positive Reviewer Impression

What You Get?

Thorough Manuscript Evaluation

Constructive Feedback and Suggestions

  • Detailed feedback on content, structure, and argumentation.
  • Suggestions for improving methodology, analysis, and conclusion.
  • Evaluation of adherence to journal-specific guidelines.
  • Thorough correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Enhancements to writing style and coherence.
  • Consistent formatting according to industry standards.

Manuscript Assessment & Review Elements


Premium Editing

Advanced Editing

Standard Editing


Premium Editing offers the highest level of refinement, catering to authors who seek a comprehensive and meticulous editorial process. Premium Editing is designed for authors who aim for excellence and wish to present a manuscript of the highest quality, ready for submission to top-tier journals.

Advanced Editing strikes a balance between comprehensiveness and efficiency. Advanced Editing is suitable for authors seeking a refined manuscript with detailed feedback and corrections while maintaining a more streamlined process.

Standard Editing offers essential services for authors aiming for improvement in a more economical manner. Standard Editing is a cost-effective solution for authors seeking essential refinements without the additional in-depth analysis and enhancements provided in the higher-tier options.

Structural Assessment

Content Enhancement

Language Refinement

Formatting and Layouting

Reviewer-Style Feedback

Plagiarism Check

Abstract Optimization

Response to Reviewer Assistance (Optional)

Final Manuscript Review

Why Choose Enhanced Manuscript Refinement Service (EMRS)?

Holistic Improvement

Address multiple aspects of your manuscript for comprehensive enhancement.

Prevent Rejection

Proactively identify and rectify potential issues to minimize rejection risks.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals in your field.

Save Time and Effort

Streamline the publication process by ensuring your manuscript is submission-ready.

Enhance Readability

Optimize your manuscript for maximum impact on readers.

Publication Success

Position your manuscript for success in the competitive world of academic publishing.

Adherence to Guidelines

Ensure your manuscript aligns with the specific requirements of your target Journal.

Affordable Excellence

Access high-quality assessment and review services at competitive rates.

Secure payment

fast delivery

24/7 support

high quality materials