At ConWiz self-publishing model of books, we make a concerted effort to make top-notch scientific works widely accessible and aim to assist authors and editors in bringing their book to fruition. As a result, we are open to project proposals for both standalone edited volumes or monographs as well as original, high-quality series.

We offer one-on-one assistance throughout the full production process to guarantee the best possible service.

ConWiz collects comparably little Chapter and Book Processing Charges to pay its editorial and production costs in order to enable high-standard editing and production under the open access principle. Numerous funding organisations finance the costs associated with open access publishing, including those for books. Furthermore, a large number of research institutions have established central funds to pay for CPCs/BPCs.


Manuscript Preparation

We offer assistance to authors who want to publish complete monographs or book chapters even before they submit their manuscripts. The advice that follows can help you organise your work. If you require additional guidance, you may contact us through the contact page.



When your chapter work is prepared for submission, please register and sign up in our submission system. Manuscripts must always be submitted online.

During submission and peer review, the paper must be maintained by the submitting author, who is typically the corresponding author. The submitting author is responsible for making sure that all qualified co-authors are listed on the author list and that the submitted version of the article has been reviewed and approved by all of them. If co-authors register and log in with the email address they supplied when submitting the article, they will be able to view the submission system's details about the manuscript.

Following submission, one of our Book Production Editors will contact you to go over the next steps, your publication options, and any unique requirements.


Editorial Process: Review

ConWiz Books is committed to scholarly publication of the highest calibre. As a result, before publishing, professionals extensively review every paper that is submitted to ConWiz self-publishing Books. The review process for edited volumes is organised by ConWiz Books in collaboration with the Academic Editors, while the review process for monographs is organized with reviewers from the MDPI network. The Academic Editor for edited volumes and the Academic Consultant for monographs have the final say on whether or not to accept a paper.


Manuscripts are examined by ConWiz Books editorial team member after submission. After receiving your submission, you will get the update or feedback before peer review. Checks will be done at this point for plagiarism, data falsification, figure reuse permissions, incorrect authorship attribution, etc by the Editor. The Committee on Publication Ethics rules are followed by MDPI since it takes publishing ethics seriously (COPE).
Plagiarism is the act of taking language, concepts, ideas, images, or data even from one's own publications and using it elsewhere without providing due credit to the author of the work. Text that has been taken from another source and used again must be included in quotation marks, and the original source must be cited. Any prior publications that served as inspiration for a study's design, the manuscript's organisation, or its language must be expressly referenced.
The manuscript of book might be rejected if plagiarism is found during the peer review process. If plagiarism is found after publication, the chapter or book may be retracted or a correction published.


All submissions to ConWiz Books are subjected to professional evaluation by subject-matter specialists. Editors, authors, and outside reviewers are coordinated during the review process by the Editorial Office.
ConWiz wants to offer writers and the scientific community an effective and high-quality publishing solution. Therefore, we need reviewers to help by submitting review reports on time for Editions, this should be several weeks, and for monographs, this should be many months.
Before an editorial decision is made, authors are usually invited to amend their paper.

Editor's Decision

•Reviewers have the following options when recommending anything for publication:
•accept a small change
•significant revision reject (for edition chapters only)
Based on the suitability of the chosen reviewers, the Academic Editor or Consultant conducts an assessment the suitability of reviewer criticism and the author's response, as well as the paper's overall scientific merit.


Editorial Process: Production

Copy Editing

The Editorial Office handles production, including copy-editing, language editing, and conversion to an XML format, for all manuscripts that are approved for publication with ConWiz Books.

Language editing

Professional English editing team does language editing, which includes correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as unclear or too complex phrases, using common technical words correctly, modifying Word or LaTeX files, and adhering to the ConWiz house style.

The work was not extensively revised, reorganized, or checked for terms relevant to the field. During the proofreading stage, authors will be asked to check their manuscripts and make any necessary changes. They will also be asked to confirm the final proofs just before publishing.

Graphic Design

Our skilled designers offer design services for book covers and advertising materials used in print and online.


In order to ensure that our titles are published on significant wholesaler and retailer websites and that the title information is forwarded to pertinent libraries and institutions, we partner with a large distributor service. Our books can be freely browsed or bought through our Book Store online, as well as through reputable channel partners and search engines like Google Books. The title information is distributed to global directories and repositories. With a distinct identifying number, we distribute publications all over the world (ISBN). At the book and chapter levels, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are assigned, and metadata is sent to Crossref.


Publication Policies


All of ConWiz papers are released in open access formats under Creative Commons licences. As a result, both the general public and the scientific community have rapid, unrestricted access to all content as soon as it is published online.
This has the following advantages:

  • Everyone enjoys free, unrestricted access to the full texts of all ConWiz publications.
  • Published content can be reused as long as the original publication is properly acknowledged and cited.
  • Open access publications can aid in meeting the requirements of research institutions and funding organizations.

The published work's authors maintain their copyright and give ConWiz permission to publish it.

Chapter and Book Processing Charges

The ConWiz is dedicated to keeping its open access publication fees as low as possible:
The expenses pay for expert editorial and production procedures in addition to other expenses ConWiz has to pay as a publisher, such ISBN distribution and registration.