Keywords: abstract, research paper, academic writing, clear communication, concise writing, effective writing

  • Do make sure the abstract is a clear summary of the research paper.
  • Do use simple and concise language to make the abstract easy to understand.
  • Do state the main objectives, methods, and findings of the study in a concise manner.
  • Don’t include unnecessary information or technical jargon that may confuse readers.
  • Don’t make the abstract too long or too short; aim for around 250 words.
  • Don’t include references, figures, or tables in the abstract.


Do: This study aims to investigate the impact of social media on mental health by analyzing data from a survey of 1,000 participants. The findings reveal a significant correlation between excessive social media usage and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Don’t: This paper examines the relationship between social media and mental health. It will explore the factors that contribute to the negative impact of social media and suggest strategies for coping with its effects.

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