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Get all the interior design, cover design, editing, proofreading, marketing, and reviewing services for your book in most affordable cost ever, and get it published and distributed globally as paperback as well as eBook.

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Create your own book and turn your ideas on and tell your stories to the world. Become a best selling and Award winning author with ConWiz.

Self-Publish with ConWiz 

  • ConWiz Publishing is one of the fastest growing self-publishing companies in India.
  • We have built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing Platform for publishing books - that means your books never go out of print!
  • We assist authors in self-publishing their books for Global Distribution through our collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse print-on-demand providers and book distributors.
  • We make your wonderful literary creations available on all major eCommerce platforms in India, such as, Flipkart and ConWiz Store.
  • We provide free and guided Self-Publishing Plans and Profit Share to authors - Transparency at its best! No hidden costs.
  • Authors can also create Custom Publishing Plans, based on their specific requirements - You name it, we do it.
  • We publish fiction, non-fiction, art, science, technology, poetry and regional books.
  • We offer 100% Profit Share to the author – You own it completely under your copyright.
  • Track it all - Our awe-inspiring POD platform (Print-on-demand) gives the authors live view of sales/royalty reports, hence giving them complete transparency about the whole process.
  • You decide the price – Authors can choose the optimal sale price for their books and estimate the royalty using our Royalty Calculator.
  • Authors can concentrate on writing, while we take care of the rest. Choose your publishing plan now!

Print-on-Demand Self Publishing is a new model for book publishing which is becoming widely popular because it focuses exclusively on the needs of an author, bringing about the following benefits to the author: lower costs, faster setup as compared to offset printing, and no wastage from unsold stock.

Features of POD Self Publishing:

  • Demand-based Printing - New copies of a book are printed based on demand i.e. as and when the orders are placed. Unlike traditional printing technologies in which printing 'single copies' is not economical, POD publishing is enabled by digital printing technologies. Hence, neither the author nor the publisher has to take a big risk by making a big investment in bulk printing of books.
  • Quick Turnaround Time - Where traditional publishers take up to 6-12 months to bring a book to the market, self-publishing model helps authors get their books published in a very short span of few days to weeks. Once the print-ready manuscript is prepared, printing at any time is instantaneous.
  • Instantaneous Printing - Authors can avail various Professional Services for making their manuscripts print-ready. Once the work is published, the books are listed on online channels for sale worldwide. Thereon, the books are then printed as and when the orders are placed on these channels, and the book are shipped.
  • Books Forever - Traditional publishers print the books for a maximum of 2-4 years, based the sales/success, and then do away with the book. However, in POD self-publishing, the book never goes out of print.
  • Lower Costs: POD digital printing helps in lowering the unit costs, reduces the inventory management and handling costs, and also prevents wastage as fewer copies of books can be kept in stock.
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