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Post-Acceptance Support

Post-Acceptance Support is a comprehensive service offered by Conwiz to authors after their manuscript has been accepted for publication. This service ensures that authors receive assistance in addressing reviewer comments, making necessary revisions, and preparing the final version for publication.

Where Do you benefit?

  • Efficient Reviewer Comment Handling
  • Reduction in Revision Time
  • Precise Revision Assistance
  • Increased Acceptance Probability
  • Journal-Specific Formatting
  • Enhanced Manuscript Quality

Post-Acceptance Support Elements


Premium Editing

Advanced Editing

Standard Editing


In addition to Post-Acceptance Support, Premium Editing offers comprehensive refinement, including detailed corrections, suggestions, and formatting to prepare your manuscript for submission to high-impact journals.

Advanced Editing within Post-Acceptance Support focuses on in-depth evaluation, constructive feedback, and meticulous formatting to enhance the manuscript strategically.

Standard Editing within Post-Acceptance Support provides essential services for those seeking constructive feedback, guidance, and alignment with journal expectations in a cost-effective manner.

Reviewer Comment Handling

Precise Revision Assistance

Journal-Specific Formatting Check

Reduction in Revision Time

Increased Acceptance Probability

Enhanced Manuscript Quality

Journal-Specific Insight

Confidence in Final Submission

Professional Communication Guidance

Time and Stress Reduction

Why Choose Post-Acceptance Support?

Efficient Reviewer Comment Handling

Streamline the handling of reviewer comments with expert guidance.

Precise Revision Assistance

Receive targeted assistance in making precise and effective revisions to your manuscript.

Reduction in Revision Time

Save time by efficiently addressing comments and revising your manuscript with professional support.

Increased Acceptance Probability

Enhance the likelihood of final acceptance by making impactful revisions.

Enhanced Manuscript Quality

Elevate the overall quality of your manuscript through meticulous post-acceptance refinement.

Confidence in Final Submission

Submit your revised manuscript with confidence, knowing it meets the highest standards.

Professional Communication

Navigate communication with editors and reviewers professionally and effectively.

Time and Stress Reduction

Reduce the stress and time associated with post-acceptance revisions with expert support.

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