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Collaboration for Publication

At Conwiz, we believe in the power of collaboration to create impactful research and content. We understand that institutions, organizations, and research labs require efficient and reliable publication services to disseminate their research findings. That's why we offer a range of collaborative author services and content publication solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

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Collaboration for Publication

Our Proposal

We would like to give a proposal to “Training Organisations” for collaboration with ConWiz
ConWiz helps to publish the research work for Publications in all the domains.
We have provided a full package of our Proposal.

ConWiz is entrusted by STM Journals and JournalsPub, representing over 250+ Journals to Collaborate on behalf of them.

All Domains


Benefits for Students

  • Webinar for Students (Inclusive of Everything related to article writing and Publication)
  • Booklet for Publishing guidelines and Practices
  • Allocation of Commissioning Editors for Publication Support
  • Online Registration on Manuscript Management System
  • Title Selection Help
  • Submission of Draft Template on Our Platform
  • Publication Certificate
  • DOI
  • Sample Papers

Benefits for Institutes

  • Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Your Institute can use the Journals logo to attract students for Publication
  • Increase the Scope of Training
  • Co-marketing and Co-branding of Institute
  • Revenue share with the Institute after deducting the cost of Publication. Revenue share will 50% of Institute and 50% of ConWiz.
  • Promotion
  • Institute Video on Our Channel
  • Detailed Information and Benefits for Students and Institute are given below:



    Pricing and Revenue Share

    Article Publication

    Partnership of 25%


    Open-Access Mode



    Publication Certificate



    DOI (Digital Object Identifier)



    Webinar/Workshop (1-2) Hour Lecture every month to provide best knowledge and Information about Scientific Article Writing and Publication.

    Increase Scope of Training

    Publication Package is 10,000 for each article.
    50% charges are fixed, which is our cost to process an article.          
    25% will be provided to Institute and
    25% to ConWiz

    Author Services (Plagiarism Check, Copyediting, Proof reading, Graphics)

    Video On our Channel

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    Guiding Assistant from Commissioning Editor

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    What ConWiz wants from Institute?

  • Student awareness regarding research & publication
  • Article submission from Students through Institute
  • Timelines for article submission and number of article will be submitted
  • Copyright of Article from Students should be submitted
  • Student registration
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