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eLearning Content Creation

ConWiz provides eLearning Content Creation services to authors who are looking to create engaging and effective online training materials. Our experienced eLearning Content Creation team offers customized content creation services tailored to meet the specific needs of authors and their audience.

Our eLearning Content Creation services are designed to help authors create engaging and effective eLearning content that meets the needs of their audience. By taking advantage of our customized content creation services, authors can enhance the learning experience for their audience and improve knowledge retention.

Our eLearning Content Creation services include the following:

  1. Needs analysis: We analyze the needs of the author's audience to develop eLearning content that is relevant and effective.
  2. Content development: We develop engaging eLearning content that includes multimedia elements such as images, videos, and interactive activities.
  3. Instructional design: We use instructional design principles to create effective eLearning content that is easy to understand and retain.
  4. Assessment development: We create assessments and quizzes that enable authors to evaluate their audience's knowledge and comprehension.
  5. LMS integration: We integrate eLearning content with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enable authors to deliver the content easily.

What conwiz do?

  • Understanding of user requirements, subject matter and target audience
  • Preparation of a detailed syllabus and lesson plan, with evaluative tests and assignments
  • Approval of the plan, implementation of the plan by ConWiz’s subject matter experts
  • Deployment of your system and education of your team in handling the system

How it Works

Needs Assessment and Consultation

Content Design and Development

Review and Feedback

Finalization and Delivery

What You Pay?

You Pay: