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ConWiz and its parent company the Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd offers article publishing services for authors looking to share their research and ideas with a wider audience. Our team of experienced publishing professionals work closely with authors to help them publish their articles in reputable and high-impact academic journals.

At ConWiz, we understand that publishing an article in a reputable academic journal is an important milestone for any author, and we are committed to helping authors achieve their publishing goals. Our team of publishing professionals have a deep understanding of the publishing industry and are dedicated to helping authors successfully navigate the publishing process.

Our article publishing services include the following:

  1. Journal selection: We help authors select the most appropriate journals for their research based on the topic, scope, and audience of their article.
  2. Manuscript preparation: We assist authors in preparing their manuscripts for submission, including formatting, proofreading, and ensuring compliance with journal guidelines.
  3. Submission support: We provide authors with guidance and support throughout the submission process, including responding to journal reviewer comments and addressing any concerns or questions.
  4. Peer review management: We manage the peer review process on behalf of the author, ensuring that reviewers provide constructive feedback and that all revisions are completed in a timely manner.
  5. Publication support: We provide authors with support throughout the publication process, including preparing final proofs, ensuring compliance with journal requirements, and addressing any final concerns or issues.

What conwiz do?

ConWiz oversees the entire process, right from copyediting and proofreading, layout, graphics and design, to the final printing of your work. ConWiz’s expert management team ensures that errors are completely eliminated through repeated reviews, checks and cross-checks. All you have to do is deliver the manuscript to us, and then sit back and relax.