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Video Creation

ConWiz provides video creation services to help authors create engaging and informative videos for their research projects.

Transform your research findings into a captivating and accessible overview with ConWiz's Video Creation Services. Our expert team can create Video Shorts or Video Abstracts that are ideal for sharing on social media and websites, expanding the reach and visibility of your research. Our services have been proven to increase full text views by 80% on ConWiz's Online Library and raise Altmetric Attention scores by 10%. Don't miss the opportunity to make a greater impact with your research, let ConWiz help you create a compelling video presentation today.

Where Do you benefit?

  • Increased Visibility
  • Audience Engagement
  • Global Accessibility
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Brand Building
  • Adaptability
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Enhanced Storytelling
  • Diversification

What You Get?

Engaging video content

Increased visibility

Improved metrics

ConWiz can create a video short or video abstract that presents your research findings in an engaging and accessible way, making it easy for your audience to understand and share.

By sharing your video on websites and social media, you can extend the reach and visibility of your research to a wider audience.

Improved metrics: According to studies, videos can help increase full text views on academic journals by up to 80% and boost Altmetric Attention scores by up to 10%, which can help increase the impact of your research.

Professional-quality production

Customized solutions

ConWiz's team of experienced professionals can create a high-quality video with professional-grade sound and visuals to help your research stand out.

ConWiz can tailor the video creation service to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you receive a video that meets your expectations and requirements.

Video Creation Elements


Video Short

1 minute overview of your work

Video Abstract

2 minute custom video that summarizes the full story of your research

Ideal for reaching

Lay audiences

Scientifically literate audiences

Turnaround time

7 business days

15 business days




Visual Elements



Stock Images

Custom Animation

Inclusion of journal logo

Audio Elements





Production process

Guided process to help you create compelling text

Professional script writing based on your manuscript

Video Promotion and Resources


Posted alongside your article on STM Journals Archive

Posted on STM’s YouTube channel

Posted in journal’s video gallery (participating journals only)

May be posted on STM’s social media channels

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as appropriate

Facebook, LinkedIn, as appropriate

Detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your video


Support kit that includes a slide deck of still images from your video, the video script, and the video audio file


What You Receive from our Video creation service?

  • Engage Your Audience
  • Emotional Impact
  • Shareability
  • Multi-Platform Presence
  • Trend Adaptation
  • Brand Authority
  • Competitive Edge
  • Dynamic Storytelling
  • Comprehensive Support

How it Works

Project Briefing

Script Development and Approval

Visual Concept and Storyboarding

Production, Editing, and Finalization

Secure payment

fast delivery

24/7 support

high quality materials